4 comments on “A fairytale window in STAROMĚSTSKÉ NÁMĚSTÍ

  1. Ahh–good question. I suppose I should have asked as I stood there snapping—looks a tad bit crusaderish and knights templarish, what with the little red cross –and I feel a bit St George minus a dragon—seems much more British to me than it does Slavic—but why would that be in the heart of Bohemia—however, I am certain you are right and it must be Saint Wenceslas–which puts the mind the English Carole–good king Wenceslas—I might need to do a little reading up on the good ol King / Duke of Bohemia—I did so shortly back from that adventure—but need to refresh this brain of mine 🙂

    • it is a building in the old town square below the “castle”—I ran the entire building months ago, I believe, as the entire building is quite lovely–but the close up of the window and painting is really quite magical

      • Impressive — both your management of the building and the painting! What I meant is, was the picture of the saint? I was guessing from the words Svaty Vaslave but I’m no Slavic speaker!

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